Fashion World

So, my love of fashion has opened my eyes to many new and hidden gems. For example… “Everything is not for everybody”. I take this expression with great meaning. As co owner of an online boutique I’ve seen this many times over. Each girl that purchases clothing from us are different from each other. They all like different things for different reasons… Some times the reasons are explained and others I simply don’t know. This is the part of the job that I like… Being able to provide what these females need when they need it. Weather it’s a dress for a wedding, birthday, vacation, cruise or just because. I’m very grateful that we were chosen amongst the hundreds of other online boutiques to help them with their fashion need. Our Just Us Fashions community is growing at a snails pace but growing none the less. We will continue to serve as a Fashion Goto for whoever needs us… I’m no Fashion Guru I just know what I like… All of our pieces are hand chosen by our style team to insure its uniqueness and popularity. We base the style on what we would actually wear…


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