Talking Fashion

As 2013 comes to a close, we see that there’s no limit or barrier on what’s hot in fashion; the sky is the limit. Simple pieces are being reinvented in big and small ways. Hense the evolution of leggings, as I said in another post. The latest style of leggings and my personal favorite are the “digital print” leggings. They’re creamy looking…meaning rich and vibrant. They come in various images and the images look clear, vibrant, colorful and rich in its color… these types of leggings will seen this fall, winter, and even early spring.

Dresses are a lil hard predict because they’re always going through fazes but the new styles are crazy (in a good way of course). Midi, Bodycon and Bandage dresses are the new kids on the block. These dresses come in exotic colors with an extra snug fit, complimenting every single curve. Anyone could argue and say that these dresses are simply a new version of the spandex dress, but that person/people would just want to be difficult. Some people have a tendency to shun what they aren’t aware of, simply because you beat them to the punch. But enough about the fashion haters lol here’s the visual… 






The Midi Dress, The Bodycon Dress, A Combination of the Midi & Bodycon Dress, The Bandage Dress and Myself in a Midi Dress


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