Living in a Spandex World…..

Everywhere you look, it seems that a lot of women are wearing spandex.  I never really been a fan of them (until now), maybe because 15 years ago; they didn’t come in every color known to man lol or every exotic animal pattern you could think of lol. Also, the spandex from back in the day aren’t the same ones that are being sold today.  The ones from the pass mostly came in cotton material mixed with a hint of spandex, and the only super tight ones were workout attire which people didn’t wear at the time cause it was fashionably wrong. Now lets fast forward to the present, fashion is a self-presentation of style through your owns eyes, meaning that anything goes. If you feel like wearing multi-colored spandex with a solid colored tops that don’t match your spandex, then go right ahead because you are your own judge, and its your perception that matters not everyone else.

I like nice things, what woman doesn’t but unlike some women I refuse to pay an arm and an leg for something as dainty as spandex. Yes I know, that when you spend more money on clothes, cars or accessories your paying for the quality of the product. In some cases that’s true, but not always. However, the web is being flooded with random websites that sell a variety of spandex….Their becoming so popular and common that their almost an accessory to a nice pair of shoes or earrings  (I know it sounds strange but its very true)….now don’t get wrong I am guilty of supporting the spandex epidemic but its so irresistible lol because when you think your not gonna be apart of the movement but then you go somewhere and see someone doing their rendition on spandex and a top with nice shoes and accessories, you automatically think I could do it just like that or I could do it better and next thing you know, your in the store buying up the spandex lol here are just a few that I like ImageImageImageImageImageImage these could be found at


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