Chocolate Lovers

 Chocolate: a preparation of the seeds of cacao, roasted, husked, and ground, often sweetened and flavored, as with vanilla.. According to who cares what the technical meaning is lol I love it either way. I honestly believe I could not live a day without it. I’m similar to the mother on the show “Everybody Hates Chris”… She loves turtles and she can’t even bring herself to share them. When someone (no matter who they are) eats them, she gets highly upset. Ok maybe I’m not that bad lol but close enough. I consume chocolate on regular basis, I know I refer to it like its medicine but for me it is. I need it (in my desperate stalker voice) lol Favorite Chocolates Includes: Most Hershey products; Hershey’s, Hershey w/ Almonds,

DeMel’s Turtles

, Hershey Symphony (the blue one lol)

, ButterFinger

(occasionally), but my number one favorite is Lindt LindorTruffles

.omg this is the best chocolate on the planet lol what I love about it is it’s consistency. The outer layer is solid and the filling is smooth and creamy. It literally melts in your mouth. You may notice that I did not mention Godiva chocolates on my list. It was not an error lol I really don’t care for Godiva like that, mainly because I feel it’s overrated. Their milk chocolate is bitter to the taste and I wouldn’t dare think about tasting their dark chocolate because dark chocolate is already bitter as it is. In my opinion Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares filled with raspberry is pretty good but sometimes hard to find. And there you have it…my love for chocolate.


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