Music To My Ears

Ever since I could remember, I loved music. Music is another one of my favorite pastimes, its like my medicine and remedy for every hardship or triumph that I experience. My music of choice is hip hop and r&b, but I also like other genres as well. When u ask people what they like most about music, the rhythm or the lyrics?. Most people say they like the rhythm, the sounds of different the instruments, the melody, and everything that goes with it. Then there are some people like myself who love music for the rhythm and the lyrics. For me the beat is key but it has to be accompanied with “on point” lyrics. Music is a form of expression and words support that expression. With all that being said, I started a Instagram for quotes of lyrics that stood out to me from some of my favorite songs. All the songs on my Instagram music page are songs from my playlist on my iPod. Check it out @musictomyears_ …you might see something you like


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