Fashion (Costume Jewelry)

Hey World (Specifically Ladies), So in the hip hop culture, costume jewelry is the latest trend. Earrings, bangles, beaded braclets, necklaces, rings etc… Shiny, brightly colored replicas of real jewelry. At least that’s the concept with the “Bamboo Earrings”. The biggest sensation with the costume jewelry are the earrings which were dubbed “Basketball Wives Earrings”. Believe it or not that’s actually the google image search term lol It seems that this trend has became a hit out of no where but I beg to differ. I believe that it started out as a small lil accessory that was added to an outfit for flare or spark if you will, and now has blown up into a big fashion trend. Reality TV, Instagram and video vixens sponsor this movement. I say that because this is where we see/seen them first before they hit the streets. I partake in this trend. Actually I more than partake in it lol I indulge in it and fully support it. I’m guilty of purchasing different types and colors of this type of jewelry, mainly the earrings and rings. I enjoy wearing them, the pleasure is similar to eating candy. I call it “Jeweled Candy”. Simply because they come in a variety of styles and colors, feathers and beads, rhinestones (which are always nice, when tastefully done), charms etc… Cute lil dashes of color that go perfectly with an exotic colored shoe or bag. They also add a hint of spice to whatever you pair them up with. For example, A tight tank top, a nice pair of fitted jeans, some pumps, with a loose puffy bun, a dash of eyeliner with your favorite lip gloss…then throw on a few pieces of “Jeweled Candy” earrings and bangles and bam your camera ready, cocktail ready, a light night out on the town, movie date ready or whatever it is that you like to do. From “Jeweled Candy” being such a big hit, it has become quite easy to purchase. I remember a few years ago, when the only place you could think about buying them (online that is) was Ebay. It was like finding a needle in a hay stack. These lovely’s can be found at sites like , , and ranging from $10 – $50….there probably are a whole lot more similar sites but these are the ones I personally viewed myself.




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