Patience Is a Virtue

In writing, they say “find your voice” @ least that’s what I’ve been told from a teacher or two. Well that’s sort of the road I’ve been on lately. I’m finding myself, my writing voice and my baker-self lol This baking quest has taken me to some interesting places, highs and lows. It’s shown me that I have to be the primary driving force behind my hopes of one day owning and operating my own bakery. It has also taught me the true meaning of patience because in baking its all about prepping the batter and waiting for the batter to fluff up into warm tasty goodness lol. Instant gratification is good to some, great to others but in some cases, not at all; sometimes its just better to wait…wait patiently that is lol How does the saying go? “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” Well I’m waiting for my love of baking & uniqueness to whisk me away to a so needed level of harmony. Harmony meaning my writing voice, baking voice, being myself and being comfortable with my decisions, big or small; all in tuned at the same time. You never know, this could be the recipe for success. -Starz


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