Cheap Chic

Hello, my name is Starz and I’m a shoe addict…lol ok so, some of you may know where I’m going with this lol I’m a shoe fanatic. I love shoes, its one of my favorite pastimes. I love buying them, in the store, online, on sale, at an designer outlet etc.. As I get use to this whole blogging adventure, you’ll learn that I’m very eclectic and interested in a host of different things..anyway back to the topic at hand, other than being an eclectic shoe lover; I’m also a bargain hunter. I don’t believe in spending every last dime I have trying to keep up with the Jones’. However there are times when a somewhat pricey or even outright pricey item or shoe that is worth the money. For example, Uggs, Steve Madden, Lucky Brand, Tory Burch, Vince Camuto and number of others, but what about those times when your budget doesn’t have space for these lovely’s? Being a Mom of three, an inspiring baker, and a full time college student. I’m often faced with this question. So, what do I do? I improvise. Sales and clearance racks are dear friends to me. I have gotten some really cool items on sale or clearance. Off the top of the head I would say Steve Madden & Abercrombie & Fitch have some of the nicest clearances. For my shoe lovers, there are a few rather cheap sites, that have some nice shoes., (personal favorite),, and believe or not These sites offer chiq items for an affordable price. Prices that could fit almost any budget.


5 thoughts on “Cheap Chic

  1. Hi Starz. Look forward reading your blog. I wish I had the patience to wait for sales! I’m very much a “want it now” type girl. It’s probably why I stick to the cheaper options to begin with! Adele

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